John “Gio” Eule was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio.
John started his musical endeavors at the age of 11, this was shortly after he saw the Beatles at Cleveland Municipal Stadium in the summer of August of 1966. He was invited to the Beatles concert by his friend Steve Anderson who is the son of the late Ernie Anderson (Ghoulardi and the Voice of ABC). After the concert, the young musicians formed a band consisting of Anderson on drums and Eule on guitar.
After relocating to Mentor Ohio, John performed in cover bands that played at various venues such as the Painesville YMCA, Mentor Burger Chef, and many private events and parties.
Eule joined the US Navy in 1974 and formed a band that would perform rock cover songs to large audiences in the hanger bay of the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67). After the Navy in 1976, John returned to Mentor to live and worked at Record Shack delivering phonograph records to Chicago area and the surrounding Chicago subarbs.
In late 1978, John was transferred to the newly opened Record Shack in the Los Angeles area. As a Harley Davidson onwer he then started performing in biker cover bands. Getting tired of playing cover songs John joined an LA original band as guitar and back up singer. John then started to get competitive with the writers of the band and started writing songs of his own. After not getting his songs into the Live set list, John then formed his own original band Harpeggio with then harpist wife Peggy Skomal. This was the point John’s nickname became “Gio” which was short for Giovanni. This was a 5-piece band that showcased all Gio’s original songs and an electric classical Harp.
During this timeline, Gio also produced and released a 45 record under “Gio and the Proteens”. The 45’s A side titled “Born to Surf” and the B side “There Was a Time”. Later, “There Was a Time” became a track on the album “It’s Always Halloween in Hollywood”.
After a Harpeggio performance at FM Station, Gio was approached by Neal Doughty from REO Speedwagon to compose some new songs together. Neal and Gio wrote two songs as a team, one of the songs “Someday Soon” was recorded with Neal on Keys/Key Bass, Gary Richrath on Guitar, and Gio on Vocals. Gio wrote the lyrics and Neal composed the music.
The band Harpeggio performed at all the major clubs in the Los Angeles area and in the two years they were together and spent time in the studio recording. After the group disbanded, Gio continued writing and recording in his home studio.
In 2003, Gio formed a 4-piece band named Giojamm and started performing the LA club circuit and recorded the album “It’s Always Halloween in Hollywood”.
In the late 2000’s, for gigs, Gio would get together with musician friends and perform at places like the Hard Rock CafĂ© in Hollywood under the name of GioJamm. Gio continues to write and record at every opportunity.
Currently Gio lives in Nosara, Costa Rica and performs solo his originals and classic rock songs at the local venues in Costa Rica. Gio continues to write and record at every opportunity.
Gio is working on a follow up album to “It’s Always Halloween in Hollywood”.
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